Let’s understand what Human Body is made of

It will help us
judge better why
‘right’ water is vital
for our bodies

Human body basics

Humans are multicellular, complex organisms. Human body is made of around 30 Trillion cells, out of which approx 25 Trillion are Red Blood Cells (RBC) alone. These cells all work in harmony to carry out all the basic functions necessary for humans to survive.

All organs rely on RBC for oxygen, nutrition and hydration. RBC absorbs all of it from body water.

Source: healthline.com

RO water basics

ROs have helped us by removing contamination from the tap water and give us visibly clean drinking water.

RO process filter-out all mineral and nutrition in water. Also molecule of RO water is too big for body cells to absorb. So nutrition deficient RO water, fails to benefit our body.

How RO water hurts

Our blood is 83% water

* Red Blood Cells (RBC) carry nutrition and Oxygen to whole body.
* White Blood Cell (WBC) builds immunity.

1. Water should dissolves minerals and protein from food.
Heavy molecule of RO waters dissolves no nutrients. Rather nutrition deficient RO water absorbs essentials from body water and passes through urine.

2. Blood cells should absorb the nutrition rich water to get hydrated and energize.
RBC and other cells cannot absorb RO water molecule because of it’s large size. Hence our body cells, in-turn organs, mostly remain dehydrated.

3. Blood (83% water) then carries nutrition and oxygen to all parts of body (with RBC) and build immunity (with WBC).
Absence of nutrition weakens the RBC, WBS and other cells. Overall your organs and muscles remain dehydrated and tired.

When Immunity and organs are weak, diseases take over.

We are not sick, we are dehydrated

Commonly visible issues every family has, where upgrading your water can actually help:

1. Cardiac issues are common
2. Liver problems
3. Diabetes
4. Constipation/Indigestion
5. Joint Pains/Arthritis
6. Lazy mornings/tired all day
7. Muscle stiffness
8. Frequent illness/Immunity
9. Various Allergies

Hope now you understand why even Supreme Court is against RO Filters