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We understand that you can relate and must be thinking that sadly it is every other family in India.

What all we…

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We are in very
bad phase

RO water is hurting us

Consuming reverse osmosis (RO) water for even a few months can create serious side effects, warns WHO.

Recent studies suggest that RO water may be a risk factor for hypertension and coronary heart disease, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, goitre, pregnancy complications and several complications in new-borns and infants.

Consumption of RO water leads to the dilution of the electrolytes dissolved in the body water. RO water dehydrates human organs. Inadequate body water redistribution between compartments may compromise the function of vital organs.

Use of RO water for cooking causes substantial losses of all esential elements.

– Source, Time of India

Our toddler's 1st meal

After mothers milk the first thing we feed to our newborns is Nestle Cerelac, or a similar supliment right? As consumers  and caring parents we trust brands, expecting these brands spend enormous amount of money to maintain health standards and hence their products are 100% safe.

Nestle document says majority of its food portfolio is unhealthy – Financial Times

Nestle admits 70% of its products are junk foods –

This is the level at which we unintentionally start poisoning our kids.

Our Fruit(ful)less Lives

We are in a phase where not eating fruits is a healthy habbit. The amount of drugs, pesticides and preservatives used for farming is alarming.

No matter how hard we try to wash off the pesticides from our cereals, fruits and vegetables – we still consume most of it.

We start to care less, when we believe nothing can be done anymore...

Can anything be done now??

Can we really…

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Yes!!! you can put life back, to water you drink

No matter how healthy we eat and consume (Organic and ayurvedic), it is water that is responsible to dissolve and carry nutrition to all the organs from the digestive system. It is water that carries oxygen, nutrition and essentials to support body functions.

Fact is the RO water we drink today, actually Dehydrates and weakens our organs.